*We teach students with and without partners*

The Dances


American Smooth

American Smooth can be described as the dream for any dancer. With the elements of Standard, Latin, Ballet and Contemporary, it brings freedom of movement and expression, while still having technical clarity. A key feature of Smooth is the opportunity to alter positions from closed, open, side-by-side, shadow, etc. while maintaining continuity of movement.


American Rhythm

American Rhythm has an earthy and sensual feel, yet with a strong touch of passion and intensity to it. Back in the day, it was danced mainly in the latin clubs to the authentic tunes of Latin-American rhythms (which, of course involved a lot of drums), and eventually made it’s way into the competitive world. Known for it’s “Soft Knee” technique, it differs from International Latin. More to add, history mentions that International Latin was reinvented based on American Rhythm.